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ime Natural Perfume

euterpe [cool] Unboxed

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Feel: Cool, Confident, Creative

The muse of Music and Lyric poetry is confident and sassy. She will move you to discover and create the melodic soundtrack to your life on a daily basis. Live life the way you want – cool, confident & creative.


Scent: Fresh, Fruity

Lively and sweet. A creative blend of light citrus, uplifting greens on a smooth raspberry accord. For creating juicy moments with style and sass.

Pure alcohol (grain, Gluten & GMO free) 100% natural botanical fragrance.

Inspired Notes: lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, cedarwood, mandarin, peru balsam, labdanum balsam, sandalwood, cardomom, tolu balsam

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Then you’ll LOVE… euterpe [cool]
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