Why Choose Natural Perfume over Designer or Mainstream Fragrances

Why Choose Natural Perfume over Designer or Mainstream Fragrances

Let’s be honest, everyone loves to smell good. We have all appreciated a delicious smelling stranger who has strolled past on the street, and hope that someone, sometime will do the same for us. Many of us have a few “signature” scents that they’re drawn to and wear religiously. 

Unfortunately, few think of the consequences of dousing themselves in mainstream or designer fragrances daily. These chemicals are applied directly over your skin and a portion of the fragrance does sink in and enter your bloodstream, especially if you use perfume every day. Shocking right? Never fear, natural fragrances are here! 

Why are Designer or Mainstream Fragrances Harmful?

Designer and mainstream fragrances contain a number of harmful ingredients that might not cause damage in the short term, but can cause trouble down the line. Many fragrances can trigger health problems and allergic reactions even in the short term. For example, strong perfumes might trigger a migraine, asthma, skin allergies, etc. 

To give you a little idea of the chemicals found in mainstream fragrances, here’s a list of some of the most harmful ingredients (but there are many many more!):


  • Parabens – If you like skincare or cosmetics, you might have noticed a change happening and be aware that parabens aren’t good for you. Many modern skincare and cosmetic brands offer paraben-free products because they can cause problems, especially in women as they mimic reproductive hormones and meddle with overall hormonal health. That can lead to a number of health problems and even trigger acne and skin problems.
  • Phthalates – Phthalates are carcinogens, so you shouldn’t be exposed to them at all. They’re especially harmful to pregnant women and their unborn child. These chemicals can hamper early breast development, cause birth defects, damage kidneys and liver, and even reduce sperm count. 
  • Synthetic Musks – These ingredients might give the perfume an added edge, but they can also cause health problems with prolonged exposure. That’s one of the reasons why you should avoid them as much as possible. 
  • What’s on the Label –  Mainstream fragrances can be formulated using dozens, even hundreds of individual chemicals that aren’t legally required to be listed on the label, they are simply lumped into one label as ‘fragrances’ (a dangerous loophole in the industry).  About one third of available fragrance ingredients are classified as toxic.

What are the Advantages of Natural Perfume?


Natural fragrances are just as beautiful, versatile, and durable as regular perfumes. They’re a premium product and are carefully constructed from natural ingredients. Here are some of the biggest advantages of natural perfumes:

  • Natural perfumes blend in with your skin and body chemistry, which ensures they remain pleasant throughout the day, as they become part of your natural scent.
  • They’re made from essential oils drawn from flowers, seeds, woods, leaves, and other such completely natural ingredients. And can sit in a carrier of pure un-denatured alcohols, distilled water, or pure carrier oils such as jojoba.


The process of making perfumes from natural materials is old and highly effective. The fragrances can be just as potent as regular designer products, but you are choosing a product less harmful to your body, is cruelty free and vegan friendly!

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