Smell to be well in 1 minute or less.

Smell to be well in 1 minute or less.

In the hyper-connected world we live in today, there comes a time where almost everyone dreams a long, lazy, beach-side vacay in the midst of a mountain of paperwork and stress. But the harsh bite of reality – be it in the form of financial, work or relationship commitments, can leave those dreams firmly locked up in the realm of your humpday fantasies.

The next time you feel yourself slipping more into human robot than empowered goddess, take some time to spritz a favourite fragrance. Fragrance has the power to boost your mood instantaneously, and is a lot cheaper than most airline tickets.

Just like when the whiff of pina-coladas and sunscreen instantly take you back to that sun soaked island trip last year, spritzing your go-to fragrance around your body and pulse points when you feel your mood spiralling can be an instant pick me up.


 Fragrance isn’t just a magical time-machine and de-stresser in a bottle, there’s actual science and studies behind it. The responses we display when we get a whiff of a certain fragrance is directly linked to the emotional centre of our brains, so when you suddenly get all misty-eyed and reminiscent over catching a whiff of a cologne you swear your high school boyfriend doused himself in, it’s due to the effects fragrance has on our brain causing pretty much the ultimate throwback.

Unlike taste or touch, scents are directly correlated with past experiences. Memory-inducing powers aside, scents can also work amazing magic on our minds and bodies.


CITRUS BURST: Forgo your daily cup of 2pm coffee for a spritz of fragrance that contains refreshing, citrusy notes such as peppermint, grapefruit and lemon for the ultimate pick-me-up. Citrus scents such as lemon and orange are not only renowned for their Vitamin C properties, but simply sniffing these fruity notes have been scientifically proven to boost energy and alertness. These scents also have the power to de-stress, effectively making them the fragrance alternative of a relaxing yoga session, minus the strenuous activity.

TRY: Euterpe [cool] or thaleia [flirty]

RELAX WITH LAVENDER: For the opposite effect, stock up on scents laden with lavender, camomile, jasmine and geranium. Proven to increase relaxation and bring on sleep, lavender is the ultimate natural mind soother. It’s basically nature’s chill pill.

TRY: Terpsichore [expressive] or kleio [elegant]

SLIP INTO SULTRY MODE: Wanting to make a lasting impression on that special someone? Team your smoky eye with sandalwood for the ultimate sultry sensation. Smokey and dark, sandalwood taps into the more animalistic parts of the brain and will make you feel as sexy and mysterious as a Bond Girl. Go get ‘em!

TRY: erato [naughty]

With a fragrance for every mood, evoke your inner muse using the power of scent – the certified natural way. Your best life awaits.

If you’re not sure what scent you’d like to try, I’ve created a quiz that helps you to choose the perfume that best matches your personality. It’s called the Choose Your Muse quiz and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Of course, there’s also The Collections Pack which has a sample sized bottle of each perfume inside, so you can explore each scent before deciding what’s your favourite. It’s our best-seller and is the best place to start if you’re not sure.



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