How to use your intuition to live your best life

How to use your intuition to live your best life

Intuition is like a muscle. The more you flex it, the stronger it grows. The more it grows, the more on-purpose you will become in life and love.  Indeed, when you get into the habit of tuning into your inner voice and acting upon it, life begins to unfold in miraculous ways; allowing you to sink into divine alignment, helping you magnetise what your heart truly desires and even knowing which perfume scent to wear on any given day to amp up your manifestation potential (because when we feel good we become a magnet for miracles… true story!). Here’s how you can boost your intuitive mojo to add some serious stardust to your life.


Years ago I had a vision: I knew there had to be a way to create a positive source of change within and bring happy back into the world. And I knew I could do this by inspiring daily change through the power of natural scent in order to achieve this happier and healthier state of wellbeing. And so, quitting my day job in TV, off I went… taking the leap and following my intuition. I set about creating a holistic, certified natural fragrance range (now known as Ime Natural Perfume) committed to supporting women release their inner muse through the sensory journey of inspiration, colour, mood and scent and did it all with my creative intuition at play. It wasn’t always easy, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made. My intuition has been infused into these magical mists, so much so, that people often describe choosing a scent for the day as an ‘intuitive experience’ based on how they want to FEEL and not necessarily how they want to SMELL. Being deeply immersed in your intuition puts you in touch with your core desired feelings which is the fastest way to create all those yummy feel good feelings we all so often crave.


Intuition, or gut instinct, is your immediate understanding of something; there’s no need to think it over or get another opinion—you just know. Trusting your intuition is the ultimate act of trusting yourself. It helps us avoid unhealthy relationships and situations. It also helps us access what will truly make our souls happy – and fast.


Trusting your gut is not as simple as the phrase implies. As humans, we are master rationalisers. Not to get all airy fairy on you here (too late!) our soul already knows the right answers but it’s often our ego that leads us astray due to fear or a perceived threat to our survival.

We often choose what we believe to be the easy way out, usually ignoring the middle ground or the creative solution – aka our intuition. Luckily, our intuition is so deeply instinctual that even if we’ve been out of touch with it for our entire lives, it’s still there inside of us, waiting for us to summon its wisdom.


Next time you want to meet your intuitive voice try this: Take a breath and clear your mind so you can listen from your heart. It’s really that easy. Put aside all the murky, chaotic thoughts. Go with your first gut instinct about a situation. Ask “what is my soul truly trying to tell me here? What feels right? What feels real?”. Following your intuition might call on you to do the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life, but it will always be the right thing, no matter what.

With that said, it doesn’t always need to be about challenges in your life. It could simply be making an intuitive decision for the day like… do I really need that second coffee? or, is today a smash out a zumba class day or go for a leisurely walk in the sun kind of day. Have fun with it! If you need to further support your decision, try spritzing an IME fragrance around your auric field. They were designed to support you to make those little changes and decisions each day as you strive to create a happier, healthier wellbeing. I know when I spray mine, it gives me that extra drive, pep in my step, motivation, and creative ju ju needed to get me smiling and out into the world each day.

Remember to simply show up and have fun with your divine inner knowing. Glide into manifestation mode. Let your intuition run wild!

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