How to use perfume rituals to calm your anxiety

How to use perfume rituals to calm your anxiety

I’ve always been a fan of using rituals to calm and ground yourself. For me, it’s a strong cup of coffee in the sun after the kids have been dropped off at school. Ahhh, 10 minutes of me time.

Without this little ritual, I often feel like I haven’t had my time and I find myself becoming anxious, for no apparent reason.

So rituals aren’t a new concept to me, but a customer recently reached out and told me about her ritual… or rather her young, anxious daughter’s ritual.

Here’s how her 6 year old daughter uses natural perfumes to manage her anxiety

Hi Tonia,

I came out and saw you at home last year and bought two Collections Packs.

  1. One I gave to my mother in law for Christmas and she loved them.
  2. The other pack I kept for myself but have now given full access to my 6 year old.

She finds it hard to deal with her feelings and she often gets anxiety about everyday things.

Your perfumes, being described the way they are in the booklet “calm, cool” etc has actually become part of the way we help her calm down now and this has improved our home situation.

So now if she is really angry, sad or just uncertain and worried, she goes to the bathroom, pulls out the sample pack and picks a colour or description to brighten her mood. Her favourites are:

I really want to thank you for giving us, not only some lovely smells, but a tool to better handle our little meltdowns.

I would never have thought that your perfumes would help in that situation and now its almost a special little ritual for her wellbeing.

She even put “feelings perfume” on her wish list for Santa.”

Rituals for your happiness and wellbeing

It was the first time I’ve ever heard of this ritual and I can tell you, the emotions I felt while reading this post made me realise how powerful scent is to your wellbeing and how you can use perfumes to change your mood (or your muse).

One of my favourite ways to use my natural perfumes is to decide how I want to feel on a certain day, then choose the muse or scent that embodies that feeling. It helps me feel like I’ve made a choice about how I experience today and that’s powerful.

If you’ve never used perfume like this, take a look at the Collections Pack.

It has one sample of my nine incredible natural scents. They are:

  • Toxin-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Irritation free
  • Long-lasting
  • Gentle smelling

and just wonderful, if I do say so myself!

If you can’t decide what perfume you’d like, you can take the Choose Your Muse quiz which will ask you a few questions then tell you which perfume is the best match for your personality too.

Disclaimer: Please note, ime natural perfumes are not a therapeutic tool nor do we claim to be a therapeutic good. My intention as a natural therapist was to create a brand that was holistic in its experience and to always create a way of inspiring change in people using the power of scent, colour and mood. This story is one woman’s experience with using our natural perfumes and I am truly grateful for her allowing me to share it here with you all.

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