How to match your perfume to your personality

How to match your perfume to your personality

Match your natural perfume to your personality

We all know her – the confident, flirty or vivacious woman with the signature scent that carries its way around the room, drawing attention without a single word needed. The lady whose perfume lingers subtly even when she’s left the room; it makes everyone inexplicably think of her.

If you think of perfumes as an intrinsic guide into people’s personalities, it makes sense to choose a fragrance that resonates with your best traits and qualities – that helps you release your inner goddess. Below we match our 100% botanical infused natural perfume with personality types, so as to help you encompass the essence of your inner muse to embody your best life yet.

Choose your fragrance intuitively, love and appreciate each one for who they are and what they can give to you. These girls are your best friends and many memories will be made together!

If you are… Ambitious – a real go-getter: kalliope [driven]

 You’re driven, courageous and brave. The muse of epic poetry is fair and wise. Kalliope’s eloquent words will inspire you to strive for success in all aspects of life. You’ll love her for her strong and bold aroma derived from a blend of herbal, spicy earthy tones, which are warm and authentic.


If you are… cheeky & seductive: erato [naughty]

You’re naughty and irresistible. The muse of love is devilish and sexy. Erato’s romantic prose will ignite you and inspire you so you can be adored and find the moves to express the irresistibly naughty goddess within you. Scents are warm wood, oriental and floral which illustrate a sophisticated, warm, exotic and silky fragrance that will softly intrigue and seduce the romantic side in you.


If you are… laid-back & charismatic: euterpe [cool]

 You’re cool, confident and creative the muse of music and lyric poetry who is confident and sassy. Euterpe will move you to discover and create the melodic soundtrack to your life. The scent is fresh and fruity, a light blend of citrus, uplifting greens on a smooth raspberry accord to create moments of rock-star style and fun.


If you are… fun & flirty: thaleia [flirty]

 You’re flirty and cheeky. The comedy muse of play and fun will help you shine and dare you to laugh at life while encouraging others to do the same. A scent of fresh citrus plus a cheeky smile and a flirty eye will make your radiance contagious



If you are… artistic & free-spirited: terpsichore [expressive]

 You’re free, spirited and expressive. The muse of dance is a free spirit. Terpsichore will inspire you to find delight in dancing to your own rhythmic beat and become lost in the moment. A blend that’s fresh and spicy will invigorate the senses and let your spirit free.


If you are… strong-willed & deeply courageous: melpomene [beautiful]

 You’re empowered, strong and beautiful. The muse of tragedy is strong and courageous. Melpomene’s song will inspire you to find beauty in life wherever you may be. Your energy will glow and captivate those around you. A blend of warm woody notes with a hint of musk and an amber undertone will leave an empowering, luxurious smooth aroma.


If you are… positive & bubbly: ourania [intuitive]

You’re optimistic, happy and intuitive. A muse of Astronomy is a visionary and optimistic. Her guidance will lead you to the stars. Use your intuition to find the heavenly goddess within and elevate yourself to experience the future you desire. A delicate and subtle array of florals on a soft, sensitive and sweet timbers will leave you feeling beautiful and profound.


If you are… honest & embodied: polyhymnia [enlightened]

 You’re clear, capable and enlightened. Be inspired by the muse of sacred song. Her hymns will provide you with the inner strength and clarity to believe in yourself and embrace truth. A natural blend of florals and greens will unleash inner positivity and give you the wings to be enlightened.


If you are… sophisticated & timeless: kleio [elegant]

 You’re inspired, elegant and passionate. The muse of history is timeless and classic. With a sharp memory and clear perspective, life will shine with elegance and style. Subtle aromas of soft wood and sweet florals will create a friendly and romantic muse. A classic for all time.


Which muse will you choose?

If the idea of choosing a muse now is still difficult to do, don’t stress! I created a quiz that helps you choose a perfume based on who you are as a person. It’s the best place to start if you’re not sure what you’d like to wear and it’s quick and easy to complete too!

Alternatively, if deciding on a perfume without knowing what it smells like is too difficult, I’ve created the Collections Pack. Inside, it has nine sample sizes of each my natural perfumes and it’s the best place to start if you don’t know where to start!



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