10 reasons you’ll love the IME Collections Pack

10 reasons you’ll love the IME Collections Pack

Some things are just better in miniature form.

Including (but certainly not limited to) dogs, cake and beauty products. The latter, obviously, is what we’ll be proclaiming our love for today – looking at you Collections Pack! So what’s all the fuss? Often times opting for a cosmetic mini in lieu of the full-size product can be as practical as it is cute. Here are 10 undeniable reasons why…

1. You can wear a different scent every day

Depending on your mood or whether you’ll be sporting Sasha Fierce or Serious Sally vibes for the day, you can spritz on a different scent to match your personality. Choose from kalliope (driven), erato (naughy), euterpe (cool), thaleia (flirty), terpsichore (expressive), melpomene (beautiful), ourania (intuitive), polyhymnia (enlightened) or kleio (elegant). Genius!

2. They’re travel friendly
Each sample perfume can fit into your pocket, clutch or handbag (and luxe minis make those getaway weekend trips that much better!).

3. You can try before you buy

Investing in miniatures not only saves you serious dough, but it also gives you a chance to test each fragrance without committing to a bottle you may never finish.

4. They keep life interesting

Variety really is the spice of life. You’ll have fun, lotttsss of fun exploring each muse and scent. The mini’s give variety for the more adventurous and open minded and can add ‘a bit of this, a bit of that’ to your grooming routine.

5. They’re an instant mood enhancer

Yup, the power of scent sure is something special. Each aromatic concoction can inspire change, by instantly enhancing your mood it can ultimately change how you live out each day for a happier and healthier YOU.

6. They make awesome gifts

Perfume can be so personal so if you are thinking of buying perfume for someone, this is the best option to allow them to experience each fragrance in the IME range before deciding on a full sized version.

Still not convinced? Keep reading!

'The collections pack has cemented the ones meant for me and also introduced me to ones I would likely not have tried.'

7. No more headaches

Don’t take our word for it… here’s what one of our customers had to say: “I have a few autoimmune disorders that leave me incredibly sensitive to smells, and most perfumes trigger migraines and nausea for me. I am so pleased I stumbled across IME and bought this pack! I was tossing up between a few different fragrances and the collections pack has cemented the ones meant for me and also introduced me to ones I would likely not have tried. I will definitely be purchasing a few large bottles soon!” – Sarah W.

8.You’ll get a stack of value for your money

True story: all nine fragrances in the pack can last 2 – 3 months if you use them all meaning you can try the whole range in the comfort of your own home for months on end. No wasted moolah here.

9. You can mix ‘n’ match scents

With our samples,  there are so many fragrance combinations you can try to nail the perfect signature aroma. Finding the perfect pairing for any occasion is oh-so-easy!

10. 100% natural, cruelty free, vegan, botanical based … duh!
No brainer 😉

Ready to take the plunge?

Purchase our Samples Pack and receive $15 off your next full sized bottle HERE.

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