Tonia Walker - Owner of IME Natural Perfume

A little message from me to you…

Hi, this is just a quick message from me to you to say thank you for popping into our space.

Whether you are simply looking to finally replace your mainstream fragrance with a less toxic one or needing inspiration to help make those little changes in your day to day life, then I have created this experience for you.

I believe in a holistic approach to wellness which is how I have created these perfumes and how you can access the simple nature of them. With a background in natural therapies and together with a master perfumer, each natural fragrance has been created holistically, so you can choose by muse, by mood, by colour or scent – be inspired , because the magic is in the mist!

Tonia Walker Signature - IME Natural Perfume


100% natural fragrance, cruelty free, vegan, toxin free perfume
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Emmily Banks testimonial for IME Natural Perfumes

“The beautiful IME muses are like little bottles of inspired, fragrant nectar sent straight from the Gods! I’ve always loved perfume so discovering this incredible range of natural scents filled with gorgeous botanical ingredients was so exciting! I love choosing my muse each day and allowing the beautiful scents to support and inspire me along my journey.”

Depths of Beauty