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IME presents… The ‘Everyday’ Muse


Every single person we spoke to reaffirmed that our IME ladies are for each and every one of you,
and YOU are every bit, each and every one of our ladies.


Hello Lovelies!

I am so happy to be able to write this post and share with you what I believe is the true essence of IME natural perfume. What am I talking about you ask? I’m talking about YOU my friends.

A few weekends ago we had a fantastic time in Melbourne for the Natural & Organic Supershow. The reason why it was one to remember was the fact that so many of YOU beautiful people popped in to say hello. Every single person we spoke to reaffirmed that our IME ladies are for each and every one of you, and YOU are every bit, each and every one of our ladies – depending on the day and your mood that is ;). There is no one way of choosing your muse and you all proved that again to me. I was the happiest IME everyday muse ever that weekend. So a BIG thankyou!

Not only that, but I had this crazy dream before heading to the event to be able to share with everyone a collection of who make up our ‘Everyday Muses’ and guess what… here it is… this bunch of beauties were happy to pose for a snap and share who their favourite IME muse is in order to help spread the IME experience & love even more.

Hover over the image to see for yourself.

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Our everyday muse profiles:

  1. Stasi kalliope [driven] – Stasi has been part of the IME family since the very beginning, she met us at our very first event ever – the Sustain Organic expo back in 2013 and has been supporting us ever since. She is now a qualified aromatherapist at Alpha Aromatherapy. She really is as lovely as her smile.
  2. Simone erato [naughty] – Simone knew exactly what she wanted, ORANGE. And there was no hiding it, she strutted quite confidently over to us in the most amazing orange culottes I have ever seen (and yes, I said culottes) – she totally rocked them and the orange lipstick. It was a no brainer that she loved erato.
  3. Krystal euterpe [cool] – Krystal wanted to choose by scent, she tried a few of the ladies, but instantly fell for euterpe, her favourite oil bergamot, was the first thing that attracted her to it. This petite little lady was every bit a calmly spoken confident woman with a sparkle in her eyes that glittered when she smiled. A pleasure meeting you Krystal.
  4. Vita thaleia [flirty] – There’s something about Vita and I’m sure if any of you had the pleasure of meeting her you would say the same. A beautiful woman inside and out. A newly converted beauty blogger to cruelty free products (hi-five Vita at makingupvita!). She is a fan of all the IME ladies, however thaleia was her pick for the day.
  5. Jo terpsichore [expressive] – Need I say more, this blue beauty also chose by colour. Jo was a delight to talk to and we laughed lots. She was genuinely interested in finding out about all aspects of IME and the Muses. Jo truly expressed herself freely and terpsichore was is definitely her Muse.
  6. Sarah melpomene [beautiful] – Sarah makes me smile, she showed grace (and a giggle) when I asked if she would be one of my ‘everyday’ muses. After experiencing a few of the Muse aromas, Sarah chose melpomene -‘beautiful’ summed up the fragrance just perfectly and I think it sums up Sarah perfectly too!
  7. Wendy ourania [intuitive] – Wendy’s reaction when she tried ourania’s fragrance for the first time was exciting to see. Her face lit up followed by a huge smile and an ‘oooh I like that.’ Her reply when I asked why she chose ourania was priceless – ‘She matched my lipstick.’ perfect.
  8. Julia polyhymnia [enlightened] – Julia is another beautiful soul who has been part of the IME family for a while now. Up until this day, we have only ever communicated online. Her words have always been so supportive and encouraging & meeting Julia for real was just so special. She told me she has been inspired to start her new business Charlie Wild Retro and I am so excited for her. Meeting you was absolutely an enlightening experience Julia. Thanks for saying Hi!
  9. Anna kleio [elegant] – This kind and polite beauty happily told me she was a scent person from the start, we spoke about each Muse and her fragrance. It came as no surprise to me that Anna chose kleio, and as I watched Anna read kleio’s description, a soft elegant smile graced her face.

Now you have met our first IME ‘everyday’ muses, you can see why I get so excited and filled with joy whenever someone takes the time to let me know how they have been inspired by their Muse or how they came to choose their muse.

Please comment below to let me know if you found meeting these IME ‘everyday’ Muses as much fun as I did.

Be inspired daily & [choose.your.muse],



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  1. Juju says:

    This is so great!! Such a great concept and such a great result! Love that I am on your website to :D, I feel honoured!! xxxx

    1. Tonia says:

      No, thank YOU Juju! This was such a fun one to write! X

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