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These are one of the most divine crystals in the world. Its all about the light. Not only will it will bring in light, dispel negative energy, clear blockages, energise, and balance all in its presence. But, it has the power to charge and keep the essence of each Muse active, thus enhancing your perfume and Muse experience!

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess Selene – goddess of the moon. The physical appearance is milky, soft and white just like a little piece of the Moon itself looks when it shines bright. She is a protector, pure in nature and the ultimate energy amplifier. Its radiating effect allows for energy to flow freely opening up mental clarity and awareness, and will protect against outside toxic energy influences.

Ways to use:
• Place your IME Muse on top of the plate to keep her essence charged
• Place anywhere in your home and use as gorgeous home décor piece that brings light and harmony into its space.
• Place other crystals on it to recharge, cleanse and amplify overnight. Selenite does not need cleansing under the moon like other crystals. See, I told you she was a little bit magic!
• Place in your lap or on chest when meditating to create mental & physical balance.

Note: Do not immerse in water as it can eventually dissolve the mineral.



Dimensions: approx 6cm x 1cm