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Don’t be fooled by my tiny size, inside I hold 60mls of pure IME Muse essence. I can refill your current perfume bottle twice! Don’t just smell great, feel great too. Not only are you saving money but also our beautiful Mother Earth by choosing to refill, reuse & recycle! 
Its all about the little changes.


Instructions of Use:

  • Use the funnel provided when refilling your original spray bottle.
  • Make sure to screw the cap back on tight.
  • Try to avoid opening bottle more than the necessary two refills.
  • Avoid face & eyes. Patch test before full use. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

I am capable of lasting 12months once opened for the first time.

Please note, the refills will only work with the current 30ml bottles, any 30ml bottles purchased before June 2017 will not be able to unscrew their sprayer to refill.

Available in all fragrances. Please choose your favourite Muse from the drop down menu above.



Each IME Eau de Parfum uses 100% natural ingredients from quality
botanical sources. Which means each fragrance is naturally unique.
Designed with nature, these perfumes evolve with your skin, changing
over time to bring out the subtle qualities of your own personal scent.


  • Pure botanical essential oils, absolutes & balsams sourced from around the world.
  • Pure alcohol (grain or cane) from locally produced Australian sources. (Gluten & GMO free)
  • FREE of artificial and animal fragrances, colours, phthalates, parabens or synthetic ingredients.
  • A whole lot of inspiration!


ime natural perfumes are the perfect marriage of the finest botanical ingredients – flowers, grasses, herbs, spices, bark, buds and more.
They are a carefully constructed set of layers known as notes.

Top (head) notes

are your initial impression of a perfume, they dissipate quickly and are usually made of light, fresh and uplifting ingredients.


Middle (heart) notes

make up the body of the fragrance, these notes emerge as the top notes fade and are usually floral, warm and soft notes. They also soften the first impression of the base notes as they emerge.

Base (bottom) notes

are rich and deep and form a strong foundation for the perfume layers to be built upon. They last the longest and help ‘fix’ the lighter notes, extending their evaporation process. The middle and base notes form the main fragrance of each perfume. These notes are integral to the longevity of a fragrance.

Fragrance Variations

Slight variations in colour and aroma may occur due to seasonal variations of the natural ingredients. Given that there are completely no synthetic ingredients in these perfumes, including no use of a synthetic solubiliser, there may occasionally be traces of natural sediment from the oils visible in the bottles. This has no effect on the individual fragrances.

Lasting Ability

Natural perfumes uniquely respond to your body’s own chemistry when placed on the skin. Therefore the lasting ability of a perfume can vary from person to person. The botanical alcohol base we use is pure and gentle on the skin and contains no toxic chemicals for enhancing or fixing a perfume as found in mainstream fragrances. They generally last approximately 4hrs.

Shelf Life

Most natural perfumes mature over time, and can become richer to the senses. Extreme heat or cold have been known to upset the delicate balance of the oils and change their scent. By keeping the perfumes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources, you can maintain its integrity for approximately 18months after first spritz.

Patch Test

Although it is unlikely that ime perfumes will cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction, we recommend you to patch test your chosen fragrance before full use of the product. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Safe use of ime perfumes is the sole responsibility of the user.

Use during Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Prior to use, we recommend consulting your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns.  Certain essential oils have been known to be unsafe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding such as rosemary, jasmine and pine. We suggest speaking with your qualified aromatherapist for more information.

IME Natural Perfume is proud to be:

Certified 100% Natural Fragrance - Natural Perfumers Guild
The Natural Facts about natural perfume

Industry Standards

A common misconception is that anything natural must mean it is safe, however, all natural ingredients are still chemicals, some can be toxic in their natural form, therefore each need to be used in correct amounts in order to be safe for use.

ime natural perfume ingredients have been assessed and comply with Australian cosmetic regulations according to the below industry standards:


  •  NICNAS– National Industrial Chemicals Notification & Assessment Scheme of Australia.
    NICNAS aids in the protection of the Australian people and the environment by assessing the risks of industrial chemicals and providing information to promote their safe use.
  • IFRA – International Fragrance Association.
    The IFRA Standards form the basis for the globally accepted and recognised risk management system for the safe use of fragrance ingredients and are part of the IFRA Code of Practice.


Pure alcohol (grain, Gluten & GMO free)
100% natural botanical fragrance

See individual product pages for botanical fragrance notes.


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Ashley J.
I recommend this product

All topped up and ready to go!

Thanks heaps Tonia for the refill! So happy I had previously purchased two bottles (one for my night stand in the bedroom, and one for the bathroom) so I was able to refill both of them :) Also purchased a trial size of the Granite Mens fragrance! Love them both! Hubby was leaning towards the Granite first, but then tried the Offshore for a few days and now he can't decide which one he likes best!

Tammy S.

Love refilling!

Ordered my refill bottle and it couldn't be easier, no throwing away empty bottles and my kids bought me a mini refillable perfume atomiser for my bag on mothers day and I know what will be going in it! Thanks

Brooke B.

Fantastic, as always!

I love this perfume, and the refill bottles are a great way of reducing packaging and waste. Keep up the great work!

Dolores F.

Naughty but so so nice

I bought the refill bottle, naughty my favourite fragrance. Love love the smell and love the fact that I don't have to throw away my bottle. I can just refill. Great work. Keep it up.

Brooke B.

melpomene refill bottle

The perfume itself is gorgeous, and the refill bottles are great to help reduce waste. I highly recommend ime to my friends and family, and of course to anyone who questions where I got my beautiful perfume from!