IME Erato . Naughty natural perfume is featured in Peppermint Magazine

Heaven Scent – Its time for you to load up your dresser with a few of these fabulous eco-friendly fragrances.

Erato [naughty] There’s nothing naughty about this super-natural scent from IME, which is made with pure botanical extracts and essential oils and natural sugar cane alcohol. Although erato is marketed as ‘devlishly feminine,’ its strong woody notes – which include cedarwood, cardamom and sandalwood – give it rather a masculine tang; I felt more like a sprightly forest nymph than an ‘irresistibly naughty goddess’ while I was wearing this… Based on the nine Muses of Greek mythology, there’s plenty to choose from in the IME range, from Elegant and intuitive to flirty & cool – something to suit every goddess.

– November 2014

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