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How to find a natural replacement for your mainstream perfume

I still clearly remember the moment I realised my perfume was more synthetic than natural. I’d recently made the switch to making my entire life more natural but for some reason, I didn’t even consider the scent I sprayed on my skin each morning. I was picking up my perfume to spray it on when I stopped and looked at it as if it was the first time I’d seen it.

This perfume was:

  • Tested on animals
  • Made from synthetic ingredients
  • Irritating my skin
  • Giving me headaches

If you’re anything like me, your perfume is really personal and precious to you so the idea of giving it up and trying to find a natural alternative can feel daunting. Thankfully, I’ve got you covered in today’s blog post. You’ll find my natural perfumes as replacements for popular mainstream perfumes, with specific recommendations depending on what your current favourite perfume is.

Do you use…

  • Sage – Demeter
  • Mandradore – Annik Goutal
  • Eau Dynamiste – Clarins
  • Eau Ressourcante – Clarins
  • Ambre Sultan – Serge Lutens
  • Jubilation 25 – Amouage

Then you’ll love…

kalliope [driven]. It’s a strong and bold aroma derived from a blend of herbal, spicy earthy tones, which are warm and authentic.

Do you use…

  • Shalimar – Guerlian
  • Lolita Lempika
  • Kokorico – Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Idole de Lubin
  • Prada Amber
  • Rahat Loukoum Serge Lutens

Then you’ll love

erato [naughty]. This scent is a combination of warm wood, oriental and floral which illustrate a sophisticated, warm, exotic and silky fragrance that will softly intrigue and seduce the romantic side in you.

ime natural perfume euterpe cool confident creative fresh raspberry

Do you use…

  • Modern Muse Eau de Rouge – Estee Lauder
  • Escada Moon Sparkle
  • Lady Million – Poco Rabanne
  • Dior Addict Delice – Dior
  • Blossom – Jimmy Choo

Then you’ll love…

euterpe [cool]. This scent is fresh and fruity, a light blend of citrus, uplifting greens on a smooth raspberry accord to create moments of rock-star style and fun.

thaleia flirty your radiance is contagious natural fragrance

Do you use…

  • Eau de Magnolia – Frederic Maue
  • Batucada – L’Artisane
  • Lime Basil & Mandarin – Jo Malone
  • O de lancome

Then you’ll love…

thaleia [flirty]. This scent will add a waft of fresh citrus plus a cheeky smile and a flirty eye will make your radiance contagious

terpsichore expressive refreshing citrus and sweet spice

Do you use…

  • Mer + Mistral – L’Occitane
  • Sandflowers – Montale
  • Flower – Kenzo
  • Maroccan Myrah Crabtree & Evelyn

Then you’ll love…

terpsichore [expressive]. It’s a blend that’s fresh and spicy, will invigorate the senses and let your spirit free.

melpomene beautiful strong empowering natural fragrance

Do you use…

  • Fancy Nights – Jessica Simpson
  • Obsession – Calvin Klein
  • Amber 144 – Histoires de Parfum
  • Amouage Fate Woman
  • Amouage – Etro Ambra
  • Chergui – Serge Lutens
  • Black Cashmere – Donna Karan

Then you’ll love…

melpomene [beautiful]. This scent contains a blend of warm woody notes with a hint of musk and an amber undertone. An empowering, luxurious smooth aroma.

ourania intuitive floral musk

Do you use…

  • Verbena Frisson de Vervine – L’Occitane
  • CK be – Calvin Klein
  • L’eau par Kenzo for Women – Kenzo

Then you’ll love…

ourania [intuitive]. It’s a delicate and subtle array of florals on soft, sensitive and sweet timbers that will leave you feeling beautiful and profound.

polyhymnia enlightened clear capable

Do you use…

  • A Scent – Isse Miyake
  • J’Adore – Dior
  • Ivoire de Balmain – Pierre Balmain
  • Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela
  • Chamade – Guerlain
  • Green Tea – Elizabeth Arden

Then you’ll love…

polyhymnia [enlightened]. This scent has a natural blend of florals and greens that will unleash inner positivity and give you the wings to be enlightened.

kleio elegant timeless classic

Do you use…

  • CK Euphoria for Women – Calvin Klein
  • Guilty – Gucci
  • Poppy Flower – Coach
  • Modern Muse – Estee Lauder
  • CK Euphoria Blossom – Calvin Klein
  • Palais Jamais Etro

Then you love…

kleio [elegant]. You’ll find subtle aromas of soft wood and sweet florals that will create a friendly and romantic aroma. A classic for all time.

How to choose a natural replacement for your mainstream perfume

With scent playing such an important role in your happiness, it’s crucial to make sure the perfume you’re wearing is the right perfume for you. But even more than that, having the wrong perfume can make you sick and that’s something I’m passionate to offer a natural solution to.

I love owning and running a natural perfume company because I get to help people feel incredible with the products I make. Even though it can be difficult to describe my different scents with only words, I have a few options if you’re still not sure about what perfume you should choose.

Firstly, there’s my blog post…

On how to match your perfume to your personality which will help you choose out the right scent for you based on who you are as a person. This guarantees a closer match and a heightened sense of self-awareness, because you know who you are better than anyone else.

Collections Pack

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Secondly, I created a sample pack…

It’s called the Collections Pack and it has all nine scents inside it in 2.5ml sample size bottles. This means you can play with the different scents depending on your mood and find the scent that really matches who you are. This is our best seller and is the best place to start if you’re looking to make the switch to your first natural perfume.

Thirdly, I help people learn about natural perfumes and how to make better decisions in this respect. If you’d like to learn more about natural perfumes and how they can make big changes in your life, fill out the form below and I’ll send out some information soon.

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