Blog: Busting Natural Perfume Myths
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Let’s bust a Natural Perfume Myth… or two.

First things first – natural and synthetic fragrances are not the same. And we’re happy about that. Not only are natural fragrances like ours made from naturally sourced ingredients, they’ll also make you feel good, as we’ve done away with all the nasty chemicals which are likely to leave you with a banging headache.

Ready to do some myth busting? Let’s go.

  1. Natural perfume will make me smell like an aromatherapy diffuser

Worried you’ll smell like you’ve just been playing with your essential oils rather than wearing a sophisticated fragrance? A good natural perfume is more than essential oil, even though these do go into our award-winning scents. We worked with master perfumer Phil Clark in creating our fragrances, and each of them is made of a complex combination of base, middle and top notes, derived from quality botanical sources. It’s a scientific artform at its best.

  1. Natural perfume will expire after a few months

Not ours – we use naturally-derived pure alcohol to preserve our scents, so they have a shelf life of four years, and they last 18 months once opened. So you can relax knowing your new favourite natural scent is with you for many months to come – although if you’re anything like me, it’ll be sprayed daily and last nowhere near that long!

  1. Natural perfume doesn’t last as long on my skin

Now this one IS true. Natural perfume won’t last as long on your skin as a synthetic fragrance will, but do you really want it to? Mainstream perfumes rely on phthalates – chemicals designed to enhance longevity – but also a known endocrine disruptor. Natural perfumes generally last on your skin about four hours, as they aren’t relying on artificial fixatives. And our perfumes evolve with your skin, changing over time to bring out the qualities of your own personal scent, so their longevity varies from person to person.

  1. If I can’t smell my natural perfume then neither can anyone else

Feeling fatigued? Your nose might be too. Olfactory fatigue is the inability to distinguish a particular odour after a prolonged exposure – so even though you can smell your natural perfume when you first spray it, after a while your brain will stop registering the smell as it’s looking for changes in the smells around you, rather than existing scents. This is why you might not smell your natural perfume any more, but those around you will compliment you on your great aroma. It happens with natural and synthetic fragrances and is completely normal. Try and mix things up by rotating your favourite perfumes – we recommend matching your scent to your mood to give yourself a boost.

Do you have a question about natural fragrance? Get in touch or check out our blog for more  great reads on natural perfume.

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