Selenite energy amplifyer
How To

How to raise the vibration of your perfume and YOU.

Looking to harness the power of crystals to supercharge your everyday items (like perfume, moisturiser—heck, even your bottle of water)? Forget waiting for the next full moon, no need to submerge your crystals in salt water while standing on your head or bury your stones in dirt…nope. Our selenite crystal charging plates make energising your beauty essentials a no-brainer!

can a little ‘ol stone really brighten your mood and harness a greater sense of harmony?

Crystals, in their array of beautiful colours and textures, have witnessed a soar in popularity over the last few years as people look for new ways to regain a sense of balance and escape the madness of modern life. Who can blame them?
The question though is ‘can a little ‘ol stone really brighten your mood and harness a greater sense of harmony?’ Of course!

Okay, so you might have been fooled into thinking crystals are only for starry-eyed hippies who live in La La Land, but their powerful vibrational properties have been used in technology (think crystal quartz), science and healing for centuries.

We’ve all heard of the ‘power of positive thinking’ right? Well it comes down to positive energy vibrations. The body is made up of atoms, which emit waves of electrical energy that vibrate at our own frequency. Negative emotions lower that frequency while positive thoughts raise it.

Every crystal possesses a different energy and has an amazing ability to interact and influence the body’s energy fields. Crazy huh?

Crystal charge your perfume

There’s no doubt that fragrance (thanks to its various high vibration notes) can alter the way we feel. A spritz of your favourite perfume can elicit confidence, sexiness, happiness and even a sense of calm.

Crystals can enhance the mood-boosting power of your perfume by turning up its vibration. This amplifies the body’s energy frequency to provoke a particular feeling or create a greater sense of wellbeing.

Using a crystal charging plate is an easy way to supercharge your perfume to its highest vibration. Made from a thick slice of natural crystal, a charging plate infuses energy (dependent on the type of crystal the plate is cut from) into your products, in turn raising your body’s frequency.

Simply place your Ime Natural Perfume on the selenite crystal charging plate. Charge with intention by saying a positive mantra or affirmation. Leave the perfume on the charging plate overnight.

Why Selenite?

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess Selene – goddess of the moon. The physical appearance is milky, soft and white just like a little piece of the Moon itself looks when it shines bright. She is a protector, pure in nature and the ultimate energy amplifier. Its radiating effect allows for energy to flow freely opening up mental clarity and awareness, and will protect against outside toxic energy influences.

Don’t stop at perfume…supercharge your entire beauty regime by mixing mineral makeup on your plate, positively charging bottles of water for the ultimate skin elixir or raising the vibration of your favourite makeup brush or moisturiser.


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