IME Natural Perfume is officially a Habitat Hero thanks to YOU!

$1.00 from every order placed will be donated to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife as our official Charity of choice. As a Habitat Hero, not only are we supporting the immediate disaster response taking place right now, but also the extensive programs that will be needed to rehabilitate our beautiful natural environment for many decades to come.

Just like us, the FNPW are proud of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage and so support conservation projects in every state and territory Australia wide! Lets help re-build Australia’s unique environment & wildlife and create a better future for all.

Who is the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife?

They are a non-government organisation on a mission to safeguard wilderness & wildlife in Australia for future generations.
FNPW is the charity partner of Australia’s National Parks.

How do our donations help ?

    • Increase the capacity of those who care for and rehabilitate injured wildlife
    • Purchase high biodiversity value land near National Parks that have been impacted by fire
    • Plant native trees to help regenerate areas in and around National Parks
    • Restore wildlife corridors for threatened birds and animals and support species recovery projects

What are our donations?

$1.00 from every order will be donated.
$5.00 from every Refill bottle purchased will be donated (limited time only).

Totals are tallied at the end of each month and donated on an on going basis. THANK YOU.