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Five facts: Making the most of your natural fragrance

Whether you’re a complete newbie when it comes to natural fragrance, or a seasoned wearer of naturally-derived perfumes, there’s always something new to learn. 

Here are five of our favourite ways to get the most out of your natural fragrance. 

1. Don’t rub your wrists

This is a habit for most people, the kind of thing you do without even thinking. You spray the perfume on your wrists, rub them together and then head out for the day. But wait. STOP! Please don’t do it. 

When you rub your wrists together you’re creating friction and agitating the perfume molecules, all three notes mix together faster, distorting the fragrance. The heat created can also ‘burn off’ the fragrance more quickly and ruin its longevity. 

Instead – spray a separate dose on each wrist, letting the fragrance settle on the skin. Perfume comes to life on the skin, so let it evolve in its own time.

2. Scents are different on different people

Your sister comes to visit and she smells AMAZING. Immediately you ask her what she’s wearing, and where she got it. You purchase the perfume for yourself, but when you spray it on, it smells all kinds of wrong. 

The truth of it is, fragrances interact with our body oils and chemistry, so something that suits your friend or sister won’t necessarily work for you. Always test a perfume on yourself to ensure it works well with your own chemistry, and leave it on for a few hours to see how it develops over time. And ladies, be aware of your monthly cycle – a perfume tried during ‘that time of the month’ can smell different on you a few weeks later. 

Our sample sets are a great way of trying the different muses before choosing the right one for you. 

3. Don’t try too many perfumes at once

Looking for a new favourite fragrance? Don’t try too many at once. If you smell more than three in a row, the perfumes will blend together and confuse the senses. Too many scents can also have an impact on your mood, and not in a good way. 

Smell the coffee? You may have heard you can cleanse your nose by breathing in the aroma of coffee beans or even the detergent on your shirt. In reality, you’re just confusing your nose with another fragrance! If you really want to neutralise your nose, sniff your armpit (without deodorant!) or your skin (without moisturiser), to bring it back to neutral. 

4. Spray it in the right place, just not on your face  

Want to maximise the effect of your perfume? If you’re spraying the perfume in the air and walking through it, your perfume will dissipate quickly and won’t last. Choosing the right spots on your body can help your perfume last longer. 

My advice? Choose the pulse points that radiate more heat – inner wrists, inner elbows, behind your earlobes and at the base of your neck. Go for it wherever you like, just as long as it’s not on your face, and definitely don’t rub. The magic is in the mist!

5. Moisturising for maximum impact

Most moisturisers are scented, which is why you might hesitate to use them before applying perfume. You worry the scents will clash, and the perfume will get lost. 

But really, perfume will last much longer on hydrated, moisturised skin. Just be sure to allow the moisturiser to sink into the skin properly before applying perfume. Ideally, use an unscented moisturiser or body oil to extend the life of your fragrance.

*images sourced via FragranceX

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