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Are you in an isolation bad smelly-situation?

OK, its 4 weeks in. Have you cracked yet? Is the person or people you are confined to four walls with still applying their daily dose of celebrity fragrance strong enough to knock over Rona herself? Or is that person you? Eeek!
With everything that’s going on right now, the last thing you need is another stress added to your day. But if you’re like me and perfume is part of your morning routine, don’t miss out in order to take one for the greater good of all, just take this time in iso to make the switch to natural perfume! Easy.

Why make the switch?
Unlike mainstream fragrances containing hidden toxins such as phthalates which are used to ‘fix’ the fragrance on your skin, natural perfumes contain these properties in their base notes naturally.  Therefore, when applied, natural perfumes don’t sit on the surface of your skin like a blanket, suffocating everyone in close proximity. They simply evolve with the chemical makeup of your skin and become part of your natural scent. A bit like how mineral make up works as it melts into your skin. This way complimenting you and not offending anyone else in the process! No more headaches, no more dirty looks, just good vibes and natural mood enhancers. It’s a win win.
How we make it easy to find your Muse and enhance your mood.
With nine moods to choose from in our Muse range, you are sure to have a little more fun in the home office each day. Instead of Manic Monday, you could try Keep it Cool with Euterpe [cool] or No Pants Friday, could be Flirty Friday with thaleia [flirty]. The possibilities are endless when you choose by muse, mood, colour or scent.

If you’re not sure what fragrance to buy, we’ve made it easy to start with our sample ranges. We have our mini muse sample set ($24) the Collections Pack ($63) sample set and also the Elemental Man sample set ($20) to try.
If you’ve already made the switch, what’s your favourite Muse to use in isolation right now?

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