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A holistic approach – the natural formula to IME


Are you a synaesthete? Do you see the colour red and smell the sweet rose in your grandma’s garden. Or see the colour green and smell the scent of freshly cut grass? A synaesthete is someone who has the condition known as synaesthesia. A neurologically-based condition, in which people involuntarily link one sensory percept to another.[1]
What an interesting world to live in.

I thought it might shed light on how I came to create our nine signature scents the way I did. Now, I may not be a synaesthete, but the idea that our senses are connected to each other either consciously or subconsciously meant that I wanted to create the fragrances to do the same- connect our senses. But before all that, the foundation was simple, IME is an experience, it is and will always be about the experience, not necessarily the fact that we are a range of high quality natural perfumes. The experience came first, IME is a brand based on being able to inspire change even if it is subtle. A change in mood can instantly make a change in your thoughts which can then lead to a change in your actions. Fragrance was then the most logical way of making this happen as the sense of smell is the only sense directly linked to the brain (via the olfactory nerve), and the part of the brain responsible for our memories and emotions. A change in mood is instant.

Like anything to do with our health & wellbeing, it all comes down to balance, well, that’s what I believe anyway. This is why when creating our signature scents, it was crucial to holistically capture a balance. To capture the essence of each Muse using as many of our senses as we can, would mean combining not only how they would smell, but also the colour they radiate and mood they inspire. To me, you can’t really have one without the others, and lucky for me there is a lot of science to back it up too so I don’t sound so woo woo.

So lets break down our holistic approach in creating ime natural perfumes to understand the reason behind [choose.your.muse]™ , using kalliope [driven] as our Muse…

ime natural perfume - kalliope driven

Why is kalliope [driven] the colour red?
Because she is the eldest of all 9 Muses. She is the rock, the stable table, the one who is grounded and embodies the sense of belonging by sharing her words of wisdom as the Muse of Epic Poetry.
Red is the colour of our root Chakra, the energy centre that represents our survival instincts, belonging, and the very base of which our lives grow from. She encourages us to be brave and work towards the life we want to create for ourselves.
Red is blood, is associated with feelings of love, passion strength, leadership and determination.
Red rocks!

Why is kalliope [driven] a herbal, earthy scent?
Because all these ingredients create a fragrance that is completely grounding connecting us to the earth from which they came.

Why is kalliope [driven] the inspiration behind the moods driven, courageous & brave?
Because she is simply all these things! And you can be too.

I hope this helped understand the meaning behind ime natural perfumes and why [choose.your.muse]™ is the perfect way to start, enjoy and finish your day. Its holistic happiness in 9 little bottles!

Would you like to know more? If so, please feel free to comment and let me know what you would like to hear about next. I’m always open to suggestions.

Happy health & fragrant kisses,

Tonia Walker Signature - IME Natural Perfume



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